Toheeb Lanlehin

April 29, 2020

Relationships are funny. One minute, you and your partner are all loved up, making plans for the future and stuff. The next minute, you’re counting your losses and moving on. Oh well, that’s how life works. Anyway, we created this quiz to find out if you’re over your recent ex. Let’s see.

April 26, 2020

Weddings are important milestones for a lot of people, and for good reason. Marriage is the first step to starting a family, and a family is an important component of society. So, we created this quiz to guess how old you’ll be when you get married. Let’s begin!

April 22, 2020

Life comes fast at you. One minute, you’re gloating about how tight your FIFA skills are and how nobody living can give you a lesson. But 20 minutes later, an unassuming player has done what you thought was impossible, trashing you and making you doubt all the skills you thought you had accumulated. This is […]

April 21, 2020

There come numerous times in human life when frustration hits and words are used as coping mechanisms. For Nigerians, “I’m somebody’s child” ranks high in the list of things to say. And since this country and its elements are set up to frustrate you, you should know that these words are appropriate whenever you’re dealing […]

April 14, 2020

The Coronavirus situation is really stressful for everyone. Now that there is a lockdown extension, it looks like we will be at home for much longer. I mean, it’s the right step, but this doesn’t make it any easier. It’s not fun for anyone, but for the following people, it’s a nightmare. 1. The Jehovah […]

April 14, 2020

The best thing about becoming adults is the fact that you don’t always have to spend time with your parents. And that was a good arrangement until the Coronavirus happened. For some people, this meant going home to their parents and self-isolating with them until the situation blows over. What could possibly go wrong with […]

April 12, 2020

Everyone has been forced to stay in their house since the federal government announced a lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s safe to assume that we are all looking forward to putting this behind us and making first plans to kick the post-lockdown life into motion. We know the first thing you’ll […]


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