5 Ways The Evil Ones Could Be Playing With Your Destiny

April 28, 2020

Do you ever feel a tingly sensation like something just left your body? Do you ever wake up from sleep because it kinda felt like something slapped you? Does the sudden realization that nothing seems to be going right in your ever make you throw yourself down a hole of depression? Am I using these questions as filler before I get to the main point of this article? If yes, that could be because the “evil ones” are possibly fucking with your destiny. And they could be doing in one of these 5 ways.

1) Putting your essence inside a bottle.

This method was revealed in the 1998 Nollywood movie, Suicide Mission. Regina Askia puts RMD’s essence in a groundnut bottle and manipulates him using this. Her evil deeds are revealed when Pastor Patrick Doyle shows up, causing the bottle to break and Regina to turn into an unattractive dog. In your case, NO ONE is coming to break your bottle.

2) In the form of a voodoo doll.

Are Voodoo Doll Curses Real? – Jesus Truth Deliverance

Oh, yes. That prickly feeling you get all over your body from time to time that you think are effects of heat rash are really the effects of your voodoo doll being stabbed by numerous pins. Brace yourself for when the pain get worse.

3) A physical copy of your photo pinned to the bottom of a clay pot full of water.

Nupe clay pot, Nigeria | African pottery, African art, Ancient art

All those times you had difficulty breathing or your hearing was distorted by what sounded like rushing water, this is what was happening. You’re royally screwed.

4) Your literal better half being trapped in a mirror dimension.

6 Titik di Kamar Kita Ini nih yang Kata Orang Suka Ditempatin ...

Because it’s not enough to trap a vital part of you, they also have to scare and confuse the shit of it.

5) Them deceiving you into thinking you can go out with reckless abandon just because the lockdown is being lifted.

Mark Hamill had, has and will have the best 'Joker Laugh ...


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