The Different Ways Nigerian Parents Change When They Have Grandchildren

April 30, 2020

In life change is constant. Your bolero jacket of that year probably won’t be able to withstand the laughs it’ll pull off if you wore it in 2020. Your metabolism isn’t what it once was and your hairline is planning an intervention as we speak, begging for you to let it go.

Yes, change comes with everyone. But you know whose change is a little too extreme for us to handle? Nigerian parents when they make the switch to grandparents.

Who are thesse patient, kind individuals given to making baby noises to make their grand children laugh every five minutes? We investigated and noted down some of the ways Nigerian parents change when they become grandparents.

Substituting omorogun, cane and the occasional belt for the ‘naughty corner’ when their grandchildren misbehave

 Hello? Who are these humane people and where were they when I was growing up?

How they behave when they see you about to discipline their grandchild

Again we ask, who are these humane people.

Trying to make sense of your parents go from commanding you not to leave the house at 24, to hounding you for their grandchildren at 25

Must be powerful to have double personalities.

Their powers of sight when their grandchildren do anything wrong in front of them

Why couldn’t they form Ray Charles when it was time to disciplne you in secondary school.

How they behave when they hear their grandchildren haven’t eaten.

Meanwhile, ‘the food is on my head’ is the response you always got when you asked if there was anything to eat

Nigerian parents actually take the time out to play with their grandchildren regardless of their age

*Blocks flashbacks of running inside the room everytime parents returned from work*

Anyone else notice how grandparents become secret billionaires, dashing their grandchildren money at every turn?

Meanwhile, if you weren’t using money for hospital or school books, you weren’t going to get one kobo from your parents.

Boyin Plumptre

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